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At Oyster we’ve over 40 years experience in delivering the highest level of support to owners, and it’s no surprise we take pride in this exceptional customer service. The support given to the Oyster World Rally is no different. It’s just more testing, requiring a dedicated Oyster support team travelling ahead of the rally, on hand at every stopover with an extraordinary depth of local knowledge and with technical and maintenance services at key locations.

How so? Prior to the first run Oyster World Rally, the event’s managers spent a full two years travelling the route, looking and learning, putting plans in place for every contingency from bureaucratic issues to repair and maintenance, inward/outward flights and parts supply, safe moorings, local attractions and, of course, perfect party venues.

From this extensive reconnoitring, each participant receives an Oyster Rally World Guide, a digest of all that we have learnt, and close to a thousand pages of well-researched and up to date information. It’s a comprehensive study of all of the destinations and practical advice designed precisely for the rally. It is uniquely helpful.

The personal safety of everybody taking part is always our primary concern but the guide also covers issues such as customs and immigration where regulations vary enormously, especially at the more remote locations. With this depth of research we have been able to plan a route that would be virtually impossible for independent yachts. From knowing where to haul boats and find the right engineer, or where to hire bikes to visit local attractions on pre-planned GPS routes, the Oyster team offers more than support …it’s almost a global concierge service helping owners and crews achieve the best for themselves and their yachts, as became clear from the blogs some wrote.

“If you were to look at all of the Oysters after the rally, you wouldn’t believe that they had been around the world. The condition they are in, after so many miles, shows that the quality of Oyster is unmatched. An Oyster does what it says on the tin, we have been through some challenging seas but I have never had any doubts that the boat could handle it, we were always sure that we would cope.”
Paul and Sue Fletcher
Oyster 56 Dreams Come True

The Oyster support team will again be on hand the whole way around to help the new Oyster World Rally participants achieve their dreams, too. 

Make your dreams come true contact us today at worldrally2017@oysteryachts.com.


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