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The Beauty of Moorea is Unforgettable 

12 July 2017 Go back

Steeped in beautiful bays and diverse aquatic life, the volcanically formed island of Moorea is one of French Polynesia’s most inspiring destinations. The sparkling turquoise waters contrasting against an explosion of green velvet cliffs, is simply beauty at its best.

Getting to this hidden gem is known to be quite a process for the traditional traveller, however for the yachts participating in the Oyster World Rally, the journey was one of exploratory sailing paradise.

Captain Cook first discovered the magical island 340 years ago, and Cook’s Bay, a sheltered anchorage on the north of the island, was the perfect meeting place for the Oyster fleet to rendezvous once more.

Tahiti-style celebrations over a 2-day event made for an idyllic reunion and being the fun-loving group that they are, owner’s and their crew embraced what can only be described as traditional activities involving coconuts and bananas!

Swapping their luxury yachts for canoes the colour of the island’s flora and lagoon, the fleet were offered an afternoon of racing on the water, followed by a very competitive but jovial game of tug-of-war.

To keep with the theme of vibrancy of the coral reef, a further Moorean delight was shared with the fleet in the form of mesmerising fire dancers expressing their power and prowess with flames and movement as the sun set on yet another spectacular day in the world of Oyster.

Blissfully being blessed sampling local delicacies, including Poisson Cru (raw Tuna in coconut milk) and Hinano beer (very alcohol-hic) against the backdrop of dramatic razor edged mountains, made this regrouping stopover one never to forget.

And for those interested in cultural tradition, the Island has its own equivalent of Tinder – if a flower is worn on your left ear then your heart is taken but if you’re looking for love then you wear it on your right.  Who says romance is dead!

Next stop Kingdom of Tonga and the Fijian Islands….

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