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The Friendly Islands of Tonga

04 September 2017 Go back

Having negotiated high winds and short seas for the last few days of their journey from Bora Bora, the Oyster World Rally fleet are happy to have reached the beautiful sheltered waters of Vava’u – the most northerly island group of Tonga.

Whilst the rain has been quite persistent since the fleets arrival in Tonga, the friendship and hospitality of the Tongan people has far from dampened the experience.

Welcomed with open arms, big smiles and warms hearts, the Oyster World Rally family have certainly experienced some ‘goose-bump’ moments during their time on Vava’u. The former Agriculture Minister for Tonga has been eager to show-off the islands’ offerings by giving tours of the Botanical Garden’s at Ene’io, whilst many have been drawn to Sunday morning songs of praise and raising the rafters with the locals.

And for the more adventurous and ‘whilst in Tonga’, cave diving and swimming with whales has been a must.

Huge courage is required to free-dive through a tunnel in the rocks to swim in some of the most beautiful caverns in the world. It has been described as an “absolute privilege” to be swimming with the humpback whale that travels 5000km from Antartica to the Kingdom of Tonga each year to birth, nurse, court and mate and the photos certainly say it all.

It wouldn’t be an Oyster experience without the presence of a party and once the yachts navigated their way through the shallows and coral reefs to the uninhabited island of Kenutu on the eastern side of the Vava’u group, the fleet were treated to yet more fun in the form of Tongan feasts, fire-juggling and the obligatory dancing around a large bonfire until the early hours…

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