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15 December 2017

The inaugural Oyster World Rally (2013-14) had somewhat of a regatta connection, many of the ‘Class of 2013’ had owned Oysters for many years, and as regular competitors at Oyster Regattas, they brought some of that competitive spirit with them. The owners that participated in that first edition were pioneers and after listening to them, we decided that the rally length of 15 months was too short, especially the time allocated to explore the Pacific. The Class of 2017 are very different, 18 of the Oysters were entered through Oyster... Read More

The City of Sails

24 November 2017

After a challenging sail south from Fiji, the Oyster World Rally fleet arrived in New Zealand. The majority... Read More

A Fijian Welcome

06 October 2017

“I asked Eric before flying out to Tonga if he would be able to accommodate me on his... Read More

The Friendly Islands of Tonga

04 September 2017

Having negotiated high winds and short seas for the last few days of their journey from Bora Bora,... Read More

A Secret To Share

31 August 2017

There are some treasures in life that are meant to be uncovered, experienced and shared. And the island... Read More

A Vision Shared

27 July 2017

Sea Mercy’s mission to bring eye care to remote islands is a purpose close to the hearts of... Read More

Shanties’ Pearl

19 July 2017

Some would say that there is nothing more fitting than to celebrate 30-years of marriage on the beautifully... Read More

The Beauty of Moorea is Unforgettable 

12 July 2017

Steeped in beautiful bays and diverse aquatic life, the volcanically formed island of Moorea is one of French... Read More

The magical Marquesas

26 May 2017

On Tuesday 25th April Oyster 725-03 On Liberty, the first of the Oyster World Rally fleet, arrived in... Read More

The Great Galápagos

22 April 2017

The Galápagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands distributed on either side of the Equator in the... Read More

‘Pollywogs and Shellbacks’

27 March 2017

As the Oyster World Rally fleet sailed across the equator en-passage to Galapagos some strange sights unfold… A... Read More

A thrilling transit

22 March 2017

The Oyster World Rally fleet have successfully transited the famous Panama Canal, a manmade link between the Atlantic... Read More

A Panamanian Party to remember

14 March 2017

Lily and her family live aboard S/Y Delphinus. They first met Oyster at the Oyster regatta in Antigua... Read More

San Blas Islands

04 March 2017

The Oyster 56 Sea Flute visited the San Blas Islands, Panama together with a group of Oyster World... Read More

The world is yours… see the start here

19 January 2017

Watch the footage from the start of the Oyster World Rally.... Read More

Around the World in an Oyster

15 January 2017

The magnificent fleet participating in the 2017-19 Oyster World Rally have bid farewell to Nelson’s Dockyard Antigua. In jubilant mood,... Read More

A Royal Blessing

14 January 2017

The Oyster World Rally Skippers’ Briefing was held in the Copper and Lumber Hotel in Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua.... Read More

Soul of the Seas

14 January 2017

Jacek and Dobra Reschke left their native Poland in 1987 to sail around the world, eventually settling in... Read More

Ready for a Fantastic Adventure

13 January 2017

150 Oyster owners, family and crew, attended the Oyster World Rally start party at the Copper & Lumber Hotel in Nelson’s Dockyard,... Read More

A ‘Dark & Stormy’ Evening

08 January 2017

The first 2017 social gathering in Antigua for the 2017-19 Oyster World Rally was held in the magical... Read More

Family bonding rally style

12 December 2016

Another yacht already on their way to the start of the Oyster World Rally is the Oyster 54,... Read More

Round the world – Take II

01 December 2016

Read the inspirational story of Ruedi Brunnhofer, who is back for his second Oyster World Rally which starts... Read More

Countdown to the Oyster World Rally 2017-2019

10 November 2016

The countdown is truly on to the start of the Oyster World Rally 2017-2019. 31 Oyster yachts are... Read More

Sail with a greater purpose

13 May 2016

With under a year to go before the start of the Oyster World Rally we have extended our... Read More


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