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A thrilling transit

22 March 2017 Go back

The Oyster World Rally fleet have successfully transited the famous Panama Canal, a manmade link between the Atlantic and Pacific, saving months of sailing a northerly or southerly passage. This was a 2-day transit for all participating yachts, rising 85 feet above sea level, traversing a total of 48 miles and negotiating 6 locks. The fleet stayed overnight in the stunning Gatun Lake, a lush lake peppered with beautiful islet and the occasional crocodile and forms a major part of the Panama Canal.

Vela, SunSuSea and Boysterous were the first of the Oyster fleet under the bridge of Americas and into the Pacific Ocean. It was a thrilling experience and described as a big bucket list item for many. As Annie off Oyster 45 Vela explained later “it was a very emotional moment passing from the Atlantic to the Pacific” – Cheers and whoops of joy heralded the fleets arrival in the Pacific!

The fleet are now in Panama City, enjoying some retail therapy before heading off to Galapagos, with a quick stop for some in the Perlas Archipelago. David Pedley, owner of Oyster 56 Sea Flute has described the stretch of water between Panama City and Las Perlas as: “one of the most amazing. The seawater brimming with wildlife, from multitudes of jumping fish, numerous pods of whales and silver rays somersaulting out of the water”. The Las Perlas Islands are fringed with white pristine beaches whilst home to an interior of rainforest.

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