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A Royal Blessing

14 January 2017 Go back

The Oyster World Rally Skippers’ Briefing was held in the Copper and Lumber Hotel in Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua. Oyster Group Chief Executive Officer, David Tydeman, welcomed the skippers and also took the opportunity of thanking Sarah Harmer, Oyster World Rally Event Manager and event co-ordinators Regine Watts and Jennifer Whalley, which received great applause. The Skippers’ Briefing gave details of the starting area and procedure and also discussed the HF SSB “Safety Net”, which will be used by participants. The YB Tracking system will show the position of the yachts during the 27 month rally and it is now active. Logistics of the arrival in Panama to ready for the Panama Canal crossing were also highlighted.

After the Skippers’ Briefing, the Oyster World Rally participants were invited to ‘take the tot’ and well over 100 sailors took the opportunity. The Royal Naval Tot Club of Antigua & Barbuda is celebrating its 25th anniversary, the charitable group meet at the end of the working day to toast the Queen and reinstate the Royal Navy’s tradition of a daily tot of rum, which had been discontinued in 1970. Among many projects, the Tot Club have renovated the hiking path leading to Fort Charlotte, where cannon fire, on Sunday 15th January, will signal the start of the 2017 Oyster World Rally.

Rum Bosun, Peter Bovey, toasted the fleet. “There are Wood Ships and there are Good Ships and there are ships that go to sea but the Best Ships are Friendships and may they always be and the Queen, God Bless Her.”

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Words by: Louay Habib
Photos by: Tim Wright/photoaction.com.

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