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Soul of the Seas

14 January 2017 Go back

Jacek and Dobra Reschke left their native Poland in 1987 to sail around the world, eventually settling in America. Nearly 30 years to the day, the Polish couple will be starting their second circumnavigation in their Oyster 56, Shanties.

“It took us some time to save the money to buy an Oyster and whilst we considered many other boats, once we had visited Oyster and looked at the craftsmanship, there was only going to be one outcome.” commented Jacek.

“It would have taken us many years to plan this adventure on our own. However, the Oyster World Rally takes care of so much of the logistics, we can just concentrate on maintaining our boat and enjoy our second circumnavigation, this time in more comfort and at a leisure.”

Jacek and Dobra only recently acquired Oyster 56, Duchess, which had participated in the first Oyster World Rally. In Nelson’s Dockyard, just 24 hours before the start of the 2017-19 Oyster World Rally, the couple called upon King Neptune to rename their yacht Shanties. The ritual involved offering champagne to the gods of the north, south and east and west winds. The Oyster family gathered around and cheered as the champagne flowed around the boat, there was a huge round of applause as the christening came to a conclusion.

Eddie Scougall was the customer care manager for the first Oyster World Rally and is part of the highly experienced Oyster team assisting the participants in Antigua for the second edition.

Duchess served her owner Leo Nagtegaal very well in the first rally. I truly believe that these boats have a soul, and if you look after them, they look after you.” commented Eddie. “It is great to see that this Oyster, like so many others, will be going on another great voyage.”

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Words by: Louay Habib
Photos by: Tim Wright/photoaction.com.

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